Thursday, January 29, 2015

Great Cans

Four Corners Brewing Co. ditches shoddy tabs once and for all


There are lots of quote-unquote revolutions in the beer business, but most of them are mere marketing mumbity jumbity.

But not at Four Corners Brewing Co., the Trinity Groves craft brewery about to ensure that every other can you ever use pales in comparison.

That's because they've released three of their most popular beers, Local Buzz (5.4% ABV golden ale), El Chingón (7.6% ABV IPA), and Block Party Porter (5.7% ABV robust porter) in
cans with fully removable lids.

Yep, no more trying to get your big ol' lips wrapped around a tiny hole in the top of an aluminum can.

Four Corners is the first in Texas to employ the Texas-made
360 End lid, a completely detachable seal that turns your can into a snazzy, recyclable vessel that's perfect for pool, lake, or picnic.

Or by the copy machine when nobody's looking.

Four Corners Brewing Co. 
All Day Ales in Cans w/ Removable Lids

Pop your top: Rolling out this week at Central Market and select Spec's. Coming soon to Whole Foods, Total Wine, select Kroger stores, Walgreens, Market Street, Lone Star Beverage, North Oak Cliff Beer and Wine, and Bolsa Mercado.

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