Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spring Into Action

A 10K, 5K, biking, yoga, and canoeing at All Out! Trinity Fitness Festival


It's human nature: When someone tells you that you're not allowed to do something, you want to do it that much more.

So when it was announced that the magnificent Calatrava-designed masterpiece, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, would only be open for vehicular traffic, all we could think of was how to sneak up there in the dark of night and run from end to end.

This Saturday, however, we can finally put our soles to the pavement that will take us not just across the bridge, but all around the Trinity River.

It's the All Out! Trinity Fitness Festival, a day-long event devoted to exploring the vast array of adventures available right in the shadow of downtown.

Runners can choose a 1-mile, 5K, or 10K. The immensely coordinated and flexible might prefer yoga on the bridge or Zumba. Or jump on your bike and cycle to Four Corners Brewing Co. for a few cold ones.

In total, there are more than a dozen active options to choose from that take place on, under, or near the bridge.

Many of which will get you arrested after Saturday.

All Out! Trinity Fitness Festival
Saturday, March 1

Pricing: Free-$50, depending on activity
Register Early: Save your spot in limited-space events
Nearby: Four Corners Brewing Co.; Kitchen LTO; LUCK

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