Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kitchen Switchin’

FT33 pairs personalities and cuisines during Guest Chef Dinner Series


A man’s home is his castle. And the same rules apply to a chef and his kitchen.

But FT33’s Matt McCallister is going all
Game of Thrones on us by inviting a rotation of royal talent to jointly reign in his molecular gastronomy kingdom.

Starting Monday, FT33 debuts its new monthly Guest Chef Dinner Series wherein cooking phenoms from across the land join with McCallister to co-create an eight-course meal of seasonal delights (with optional wine pairings for each course).

First upon the throne: Chef Richard Kuo from NYC’s
Pearl & Ash. Born in Taiwan, raised in Australia, and now thriving in Manhattan, Kuo is known for globally inspired small plates. That should make for an excellent match with McCallister’s modern interpretations of Southern cuisine and passion for farm-to-table dining.

The final menu's secret, but our intel points to chorizo-ricotta-egg yolk raviolo with kale salsa and marinated fried cauliflower with buttermilk solids and bottarga from McCallister. Plus, two seafood dishes, a poultry dish, and dessert from Kuo.

So raise a goblet and toast the new knights of the chef’s table.

They’re about to go
medieval on fine dining as you know it.

FT33 Guest Chef Dinner Series
Monday, February 17 (and every third Monday)
1617 Hi Line Dr., Design District
(214) 741-2629

Price: $110 per person for the eight-course menu; $50 per person for wine pairings
Plan now: Seating is limited, call (214) 741-2629 to reserve a spot.
Nearby: Pakpao Thai Restaurant; Oak; Meddlesome Moth

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