Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quarter Quarters

The Audubon Cottages offer luxury amid the Mardi Gras madness


Forget Bitcoins.

The currency of your future is beads. Sparkly, plastic Mardi Gras beads.

Instead of exchanging them for goods and services, you exchange them for a peek at the goods of every co-ed and cougar in the French Quarter.

Oui, monsieurs, the most decadent celebration in the U.S. is less than a month away. And we've got your VIP hookup to New Orleans luxury that only a select few can experience.

Tucked away from (but still close enough to) the Mardi madness, the Audubon Cottages provide a relaxing escape from the bead-throwing, binge-drinking, breast-exposing bacchanalia of Bourbon St.

Each one- or two-bedroom cottage features a private or semi-private courtyard, access to the heated saltwater pool, and complimentary breakfast brought to you.

Plus, a little thing called butler service. Your on-site French Quarter Butler is ready to anticipate and cater to your every whim, whether that's making hard-to-get dinner reservations or booking exclusive NOLA experiences.

Or procuring an extra gross or two of beads. Because you're going on a spending spree.

Audubon Cottages
509 Dauphine St., New Orleans
(504) 561-5858

Mardi Gras rates: $383-680/night
Save: Use code RGUEST to save 10% off a stay of three nights or more.

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