Saturday, January 31, 2015

Phat Is In

The skinny on CrushCraft Thai Street Eats


Crazy things happen in Bangkok at 3a. Often involving alcohol, drums of chili oil, and a pig or two.

Now, you can experience all of that and more right here in Uptown when CrushCraft Thai Street Food opens next week with fresh, made-from-scratch Thai cuisine in a vibrant space with an open-air market feel.

The small, to-the-point menu is divided into three sections, with every item coming in at $8 or less.

Call yourself a 
Humble Homey for carb-free Laap Isaan lettuce cups. Fill up these traditional foldables with ground beef, galangal & herbs, lime, red crushed pepper & toasted rice.

Came from the lounge and not a dive? Then you might want to dip into the 
Swanky Citizens section, hosting a collection of standards led by Phat Thai (pictured).

Last but certainly not least, let your taste buds party recklessly in the For Chefs section, where just-imagined, of-the-moment inspirations could include sweet pork belly curry one day, braised short ribs the next.

At the bar, the choices are simpler. CrushCraft keeps it native with Southeast Asian premium beers, local drafts, and a nice selection of sake and soju.

After a few bottles of soju, Bangkok might as well be Disneyland.

Photo Credit: Joy Zhang

CrushCraft Thai Street Eats
3800 Routh St., Uptown
(972) 677-7038

Price: 1 (out of 4)
Best Bets: Phat Ke Mao; Gang Panang Neua; papaya salad
Late-night bonus: Kitchen open until 3a on weekends
Nearby: Theatre Three; The Ginger Man; S&D Oyster Company

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