Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stairing Contest

Get upwardly mobile at the Big D Climb


The discouraging thing about the stair climber at the gym: you never actually get anywhere.

But what superb training it is for that moment when a skyscraper's worth of real, actually-ascending-to-something steps presents itself.

That moment would be this Saturday at the Big D Climb, a race up 52 flights of stairs (1,040 steps) inside Fountain Place, Dallas' fifth tallest building.

All you need is endurance, strong calf muscles, and hopefully a joyous lack of vertigo.

Last year's race raised $200,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and they hope to bump that up by $25K this time around.

Teams can be formed with as few as two climbers, so do some quick recruiting and race as a group.

You've got nowhere to go but up.

Big D Climb
Saturday, January 25
Fountain Place
1445 Ross Ave., Downtown

Price: $60 here.
Parking: $5 at nearby self-parking lots
Nearby: Pyramid Restaurant & Bar; Dallas World Aquarium; West End Pub

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