Monday, January 26, 2015

The Joy of Flex

Work things out at Stiff Guy Yoga


In the bedroom, there are certain things that shouldn't be stiff. Hamstrings come to mind. Hips, lower back, and shoulders, too.

So to maximize your pre-marital moves, it's time to engage in a yoga class designed specifically for dudes (though women are welcome, too).

Kick off your shoes and enter the world of Stiff Guy Yoga, a class created by Rachel Roberts and exclusive to Equinox Preston Hollow.

 Rundown Reward: Get a free one-week pass to try Equinox and all its first-class amenities. Simply email us here to request.

One step into the yoga room and you'll recognize the difference from typical zen zones: there's rock music playing.

Then, special attention is paid to the places where guys are tightest with stretches that seamlessly heat and lengthen muscles. Don't let the peaceful, slow-paced vibe fool you. This is one intense workout.

All to get you limbered up for everybody's favorite workout.

Stiff Guy Yoga
Mondays 5:45p
Tuesdays Noon

Equinox Preston Hollow
8611 Hillcrest Rd., Preston Hollow
(214) 265-5512

Price: Included in membership (and free one-week pass above)
Simply Fit Meals; Pho Envy; Tiff's Treats

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