Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy New Beer!

This Saturday, everything's coming up Community


Dominating the universe: not a timid New Year's Resolution.

But that's exactly what's happening over at Community Beer Company, where they've just unveiled a huge new taproom with a large horseshoe bar from which you can kick back and order your favorite brews with your friends.

If it was just that, then this would be a timid takeover. But leave it to Community to steal away your earliest hours, too, thanks to the brand-new Ascension Coffee Porter, a collaboration with the coffee house just around the corner utilizing freshly-roasted Sumatra beans.

Yep, Community just stole breakfast.

Come Saturday, our new beer overlords celebrate their one-year anniversary with a big bash, which also marks the official release of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Glenstemmons, their Strong Scotch Ale that's been aged in Four Roses single cask OBSK barrels. You'll want to use at least two of your included 8 drink tickets on that one.

Feeling ambitious? There will be 14 additional brews on tap, as well as live music from Shotgun Friday to at least keep your feet moving in some way.

Even if you can't make the party, Community's domination ensures they'll find you. This week, they've also launched Community Pale Ale 6-packs in stores and bars around the city.

Finally, a corporate takeover we can get behind.

Community Beer Company 1-Year Anniversary Party
Saturday, January 18
Community Beer Company
1520 Inspiration Dr., Design District

Price: $20 here. Includes 8 drink tickets, commemorative Belgian glass, and guided tour.
Nearby: Ascension Coffee; Pakpao; Oak

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