Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mutant-Free Meals

Sundown at Granada launches 99% non-GMO menu


Mutations in X-Men: pretty cool.

800-pound "pigs" with three heads: not so much (unless you're really craving guanciale).

After all, eating healthy today extends beyond getting in your fruit and veggies to eating non-laboratory raised foods like the natural options at Sundown at Granada.

This week, they've put the finishing touches on a new menu that's 70% organic, 99% non-GMO, with grass-fed this and wild-caught that thrown in for good measure. Just in time for your GF's resolution BS.

But there's nothing bogus about eating better when there's rock 'n' roll on the stage and chef-driven offerings on the plate.

That equals live bands tableside and kobe beef cupcakes on your table (topped with gouda-whipped celery root purée "frosting"). Or quite possibly the best hangover prevention/cure ever, the Fast Break flatbread (pictured) with over-easy Vital Farms eggs, smoked tomatoes, gouda, organic bacon, and wasabi micro greens.

Of course, if you really are serious about upping that veggie-and-healthy-grain quotient, this is a great place to start incorporating those into your diet.

Even if it's in a pint glass labeled pilsner.

Photo credit: Bill Ellison

Sundown at Granada
3520 Greenville Ave., Lower Greenville
(214) 823-8305

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 3 (out of 4)
Best Bets: Kobe cupcakes; Waldorf stuffed avocados; Kale Caesar! flatbread
Nearby: Aw Shucks; The Grape; Blue Goose Cantina

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