Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Move Along

If the hands-off Nike+ Move doesn't get you stepping, nothing will


Editor's Note: All those holiday calories aren't going to burn themselves. So we're getting a little help from an app, recommended by the tech-savvy experts over at Rundown on USA.

Working out shouldn't require a lot of brain power.

That's why so many apps suck. Hard.
They make you do all the work of entering your calorie counts, your number of reps, your type of exercise. But not Nike+ Move.
You probably saw it during the last iPhone keynote. To recap: It's designed exclusively for your shiny new 5s, taking advantage of its M7 motion coprocessor, along with its gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass.
Translation: It knows every move you make.
Before, you needed a FuelBand to track your activity. Now you don't, because this app tracks all of your activity quietly in the background — walking, running, and other movements — gently guilting you when you've been lazy with brilliantly colored graphs and charts.
Oh, and it's stupid-easy to get started. Since the M7 chip already gathers data movement in the background, you'll have 10 days of activity already when you install Nike+ Move. So you'll easily be able to compare your pre-app activity with your post-app performance.
And since Nike loves a competition, it allows you to gamify your daily scores (recorded in Nike's proprietary NikeFuel metric) by comparing with your friends.
Full disclosure: We were guilted into writing this while walking. Damn you, Nike.

Nike+ Move
Price and availability: Free for iPhone 5s exclusively here

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