Monday, January 26, 2015

Just Plain Nuts

One night only, ballet gets fun


She's been begging you to take her to one of the gazilion local productions of The Nutcracker.

And you've managed to come up with a gazillion excuses.

Tonight, however, you can finally cave and surprise her with tickets to the ballet at the gorgeous Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth.

What you'll conveniently leave out is that this is the annual one-off, adults-only production of The Nutty Nutcracker. It's a rare opportunity for the Texas Ballet Theater to really cut loose and parody the show they perform day in and day out.

The pop-culture-fueled evening has featured Marilyn Monroe, as well as U.S. Presidents Lincoln and Obama. It's even ended with the classic finale from Dirty Dancing.

Who will show up and what will transpire tonight is still a secret.

Twerking and a giant foam finger are both safe bets.

The Nutty Nutcracker
Friday, December 20
Bass Performance Hall
525 Commerce St., Ft. Worth

Price: $20-150 here
Nearby: Flying Saucer Draught Emporium; Reata Restaurant; Cabo Grande

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