Thursday, January 29, 2015

Six Appeal

Need Lifestyle launches a curated shopping site for men


Some six-packs are easier to obtain than others.

That abdominal one? Still waiting.

A carton of Shiner longnecks? Much simpler. (And also the reason that ab one is so hard to achieve.)

But there's one half-dozener you should really be coveting: the curated product list from Need Lifestyle.

Each month, this Dallas-based e-commerce site focuses on a six-fingered handful of products carefully selected to appeal to you, the man who demands the best in life. Without having to do all that pesky shopping.

From clothing to coffee, literature to furniture, their style gurus search the globe for the coolest of everything and update their site monthly with seasonal picks. Give 'em your e-mail and they'll alert you to new stuff.

The next curated list hits December 3. Until then, discover
six must-haves for fall.

Can we get a high five six?

Need Lifestyle

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