Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gimme Hendrick's

Your exclusive access to Quinetum. No secret knock required.


A gin & tonic a day keeps the malaria away.

For more than a hundred years, quinine (a.k.a. fever tree bark) has been an ingredient in tonic water and a tool in the fight against the most deadly disease known to man.

For us, so far so good.

Now, the people behind Hendrick's Gin have created Quinetum, a new quinine cordial bursting with botanicals, including lavender, orange blossom, wormwood, and holly thistle.

The super-exclusive liqueur is only available in four carefully selected bars in Dallas (and 24 in the country). Ask for the latest Quinetum creations at The Standard Pour, The Cedars Social, and
Savor at Klyde Warren Park. 

Over at the Windmill Lounge,
co-owners Louise Owens & Charlie Papaceno, are experimenting with Quinetum as a stealth flavor in complicated Tiki drinks. Also, in a simple Quimlet with Hendrick's gin and a dash of fresh lime.

And just like that, you've got scurvy covered, too.

Photo Credit: Jill Tiongco Photography

Hendrick's Quinetum

Available at: Standard Pour, Windmill Lounge, The Cedars Social, and Savor.

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