Friday, January 30, 2015

Throwing Rap

Hoodie Allen rhymes and rages tonight at South Side Ballroom


No, that's not Tim Tebow up there.

It's the goofily awesome rapper Hoodie Allen, 
performing tomorrow night at South Side Ballroomone of the city's best venues for getting up-close-and-personal with up-and-coming artists thanks to its cozy, standing room-only space.

Aside from his QB doppelganger, Allen's probably the only person on the planet with the charm to make an F-bomb fun.

A la Macklemore, Allen delivers a unique form of pop-infused rap that's as laced with social commentary as any of his counterparts, but with less anger and a lot more fun.

With five albums under his belt, Hoodie Allen is far from a newbie. If you've never heard his songs, it's time to brush up with a few of our favorites. That means "Fame is for A**holes," "Swimming with Sharks," and "James Franco" will soon be on your SoundCloud playlist. And stuck in your head.

Remember that last one for when you're mingling with all the SMU girls in attendance.

Hoodie Allen Party With Your Friends Tour
Saturday, November 9
South Side Ballroom
1135 S Lamar St., South Side

Price: $36 here
Nearby: The Cedars Social; Jack Daniel's Saloon; Bill's Records

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