Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunday, Bubbly Funday

Get ready for the return of Sunday School Brunch at Hotel ZaZa


Here's how this Sunday morning's gonna go down:

11a: Wake up to the alarm you set before going to your Saturday night Halloween party.

11:01a: Curse said alarm.

11:05a: Get up. Look down. Gasp in fear. Realize it's fake. Wipe the vampire makeup off your pillow. 

11:06a: Wait. Was that even your vampire makeup?

11:09a: Who cares, let's shower. Let's brush your teeth. Let's brush your faux vampire fangs.

11:25a: Sport some clothes that allow a full range of motion. Last night's cape works, Dracula. Bring those vampire fangs in a baggy.

11:30a: Call a
car service. (Trust us, you need it.)

11:55a: Arrive at Hotel ZaZa.

Noon: Enter the ballroom for the return of Sunday School Brunch
Halloween style.

12:01-2p: Savor the multi-course meal; marvel at the life-sized panda bear and chicken leading the crowd in a conga line (not a hallucination); drink champagne; twirl sparklers in the air; and dance on tables. At some point, don your fangs, make friends, taste some neck.

2:01p onward: Try to remember a time you've ever had more fun eating eggs.

ZaZa Halloween Sunday School Brunch
Sunday, October 27


Cost: $50 per person (includes multi-course brunch, party favors, and one bottle of champagne per duo)
Nearby: Truluck's; Smashburger; Sfuzzi

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