Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wheel Simple

Lyft on-demand ridesharing app races into Dallas


It's Friday night. You've had one too many. Maybe ten too many.

The question you whisper to your newest lady friend:

Who wants a mustache ride?

Before she calls you a creeper, point her to the cars driving around town with giant pink mustaches splayed across their grilles. Those are citizen drivers for Lyft, a new car service app launched in Dallas that you can call with just a few swipes of your smartphone. 

What makes the service different from other on-demand rides is that they hire everyday people with impeccable driving records (and clean, late model cars)  use their own wheels to earn extra cash. (You can apply to be a driver here). 

 Rundown Reward: Get $20 credit added to your account using code RUNDOWN (first-time riders only).

Once you've hailed a car, you're done. Your credit card's already stored and the tip is always included, so you never have to worry about fumbling for cash.

Or your car keys, for that matter.

Lyft On-Demand Ridesharing

Download: Get the free app for iPhone or Android here.
 Rundown Reward: Use code RUNDOWN to get $20 added to your account (first-time riders only).

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