Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Full 360

Welcome to Reunion Tower's All-New GeO-Deck


Sun, schmun.

Dallas has its very own orb of light in the sky that's as much a part of our cityscape and identity as Southfork Ranch.

And Saturday, the all-new GeO-Deck opens 470 feet above the city inside the geodesic sphere of Reunion Tower.

Inside, a brand-new dining venue and bar called Cloud Nine, run by Wolfgang Puck, but much less expensive than his signature Five Sixty restaurant one floor above. A digital canopy above the space features a realistic Texas sky, complete with storms one day and bright blue skies the next.

Visitors won't even have to visit the restaurant to enjoy the spectacular views of the city thanks to a public observation deck with high-def zoom cameras in place of old-school viewfinders of days gone by. TheĀ Halo digital touchscreen allows visitors to see and learn about Dallas.

Like Five Sixty, the space can be rented out as a one-of-a-kind event venue, also with the capability to rotate 360 degrees. But when and how often that will happen remains unknown for now.

Because if Who Shot J.R.? taught us anything, it's that Dallas loves a good mystery.

GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower
300 Reunion Blvd. E., Downtown
(214) 741-5560

Tickets: $8 (ages 4-12); $14 (ages 65+); $16 (ages 13-64); Free (under 3)
Nearby: The Old Red Courthouse; Sixth Floor Museum; The Palm Restaurant

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