Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's 5p Somewhere

Time-zone inspired cocktails and cuisine at Central Standard


Get ready for the most exciting thing to happen to clock talk since the inventions of springing forward, falling back, and the calculator watch.

This Friday, Central Standard opens in the Design District with a unique concept.

From Canada to Mexico and all the United States in between, flavors from all time zones find their way onto your plate and into your glass.

That means your tasty tour could include poutine tater tots (pulled pork, cheese curds, grainy mustard, fried egg and gravy), Kansas City BBQ pork wings with spicy peanuts, and a Chi-Town Italian beef (shaved prime rib, provolone, red wine jus, house-made spicy giardiniera on garlic toasted baguette).

Or load up your fork with a mac-and-cheese of the day, Lone Star beer can chicken, or horseradish salmon.

At the bar, you can work your way through more than 45 beers on tap, a spiked root beer float, or a perfectly balanced Sazerac in an absinthe-laced glass.

Tick tock. Tick tock. Those reservations aren't going to make themselves.

Central Standard
1400 Hi Line Dr., Design District
(214) 752-0678

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Best Bets: Poutine tots; smoked chicken wings; Italian beef sandwich; blood orange margarita
Insider Tip: Sign up for their e-club here and receive a $10 off coupon.
Nearby: Meddlesome Moth; Ascension Coffee; Pakpao

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