Sunday, February 1, 2015

Drunkin' Donuts

Take a bite out of Deep Ellum's new Glazed Donut Works


Many great things come in small batches. Craft beer. Beef jerky. Time with little children.

Also, donuts.

Though not the first to bring pastries topped with craziness such as bacon, maple, and bananas, Glazed Donut Works is the first in Deep Ellum. 

And it's a much-needed infusion of early-morning wonder in a district better known for passed-out patrons in doorways sleeping off Jager bombs from the night before.

But you gotta get there early because they've been selling out in less than two hours (the beauty and curse of small batches).

People are clearly hungry for something daring. The Coco Loco (above), for instance. Toasted coconut and almonds on top of coconut milk and rum glaze, with or without chocolate.

And then there's the harbinger: Achocolypse Now, a chocolate
1 yeast-raised doughnut filled with a Bourbon chocolate2 pastry cream dipped in dark chocolate3 icing, sprinkled with crumbled chocolate4 cake and drizzled with handmade chocolate5 ganache.

That's five circles of chocolate hellish heaven, in case you lost track.

No wonder this place sells out in two hours.

Glazed Donut Works
2644 Elm St., Deep Ellum
(214) 741-2275

Nearby: Twisted Root Burger Co.; Cane Rosso; Angry Dog

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