Sunday, February 1, 2015

Whiskey To-Go-Go

Beer, wine and spirits at the new Urban Vineyard


Everything's bigger in Texas. Except for liquor stores in downtown Dallas.

Worse, it's nearly impossible to find a booze emporium that isn't insanely overpriced and woefully understocked, pocket-size square-footage notwithstanding.

Until now. Meet your new afterwork stomping ground for beer, wine, and spirits (on your way to visit downtown loft-dwelling friends): Urban Vineyard.

Inside this brand spankin' new store, you'll find a well-rounded selection of wines and bubbly, in addition to  unusual brews (Third Shift Band of Brewers Amber Lager, Wells Banana Bread Beer) and all your spirits staples, including a disproportionate amount of moonshine.

Yet the real surprise comes from one section of shelves glowing like an amber beacon in an already bright and cheery space. There you'll find a superb selection of scotches and bourbons, running the gammut from low-end "...and Coke" options, to well-aged sippers (Highland Park 18 Year Old; The Macallan 15 Year Old).

With downtown's first formidable liquor store finally here, what's next? A downtown grocery store?

Yep, opening next door in September.

Urban Vineyard
1500 Jackson St., Downtown
(682) 365-8621

Nearby: The Joule; West End Pub; NM Cafe

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