Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chemical Brothers

Feed your "Breaking Bad" addiction at Sunday's watch party


Some people sure don't like lemonade. Walter White, for instance. Life gave him lemons and he made crystal meth.

And TV history.

In nine minutes, you can catch up on the
entire Breaking Bad series to date before heading to the Granada Theater this Sunday night for the final season premiere episode watching party.

It's first-come first-serve, so plan to show up early for some BB trivia and a listening party featuring the show's most memorable music. Pass the time drinking a Blue Ice cocktail while the kitchen cooks up Pollos Hermanos Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Taco Cabeza Brisket Tacos.

Then settle in for a repeat viewing of last season's finale before the big premiere.

It all ends with "Talking Bad," a half-hour live show from AMC that analyzes and dissects every detail of the final eight episodes after they air.

All in all, a TV watching experience that's 99.1% pure.

Breaking Bad Watching Party
Sunday, August 11
6-9:30p (Premiere episode at 8p)
Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Ave., Lower Greenville
(214) 824-9933

Full schedule: Here
Price: Free. Food and drink for sale.
Nearby: Aw Shucks; The Grape; The Blue Goose Cantina

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