Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shhhhh in Back!

Alamo Drafthouse brings out the texting police


There's a new sheriff in town.

He wants you to shut up. He wants you to put your phone away. He wants you to remember a simpler time before social networks and emoji, because back then you'd watch a movie by actually watching the movie
not hash-tagging that you're at the movie.

That Austin-based sheriff goes by the name of Alamo Drafthouse, which finally opens Thursday after years of anticipation.

Their commitment to sharing the movies they love
especially Golden Age classics runs so deep, they're sending out the enforcers.

It doesn't matter how many of their more than 60 beers by the glass you've downed during the show, you're still subject to
a zero-tolerance policy toward texting or talking during the movie.

One warning then you're out. No refund. No apology.

Oh, and no unaccompanied kids, either.

In fact, the only noise you're likely to hear other than the film itself is the sound of happy mouths munching bottomless popcorn, or a
Royale with Cheese.

Yes, that's us (silently) cheering.

Alamo Drafthouse drafthouse.com
100 S.Central Expwy, Richardson
(972) 534-2120

Nearby: Spring Creek Barbeque; Pappadeux; Zone D'Erotica

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