Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One and Counting

Come celebrate Deep Ellum Blonde's first birthday


A typical birthday party for a one-year-old: too much crying, too many diapers, and not nearly enough beer.

(Yeah, that might be a ninety-one year old's birthday party, too, but we digress.)

This Friday, Katy Trail Ice House is hosting a very, very different type of one-year-old party, for Deep Ellum Brewing Company's Dallas Blonde ale.

Not only will there be plenty of beer for the drinking and meat for the eating, but there's also a challenge on the table: top last year's record at the big
launch, where they sold nearly 1,000 16-ounce drafts.

They're counting on you and your pint plowing prowess.

There will be swag for the taking and Katy Trail/Dallas Blonde collector goblets to display proudly in grandma's china cabinet. 
Just make sure to stock up on Man vs. Food burgers, dark beer venison chili, or sliced BBQ brisket.

Because nobody likes the drunk guy at a one-year-old's birthday party.

Deep Ellum Brewery Dallas Blonde One-Year Birthday Party
Friday, August 2

Katy Trail Ice House
3127 Routh St., Uptown
(214) 468-0600

Nearby: Texas de Brazil; Company Cafe on the Trail; Kung Fu Saloon

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