Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Oui Bit of France

French it up, Monsieur, at Bastille on Bishop


Je voudrais un sandwich au jambon.

Vin français est le meilleur en absolu.

Mimes sont mes préférés sous forme de divertissement.

Learn those three phrases by Sunday when the largest French festival in North Texas, Bastille on Bishop, takes over the Oak Cliff district.

Trust us, everyone within earshot will be très impressed.

Armed with those morsels of French vocab, you'll be able to deftly order a ham sandwich, declare your fondness of French wines, and finally confess your deep devotion to the art of mime.

Because come Bastille Day, you'll be tas
ting French wine, eating crepes, and strolling the streets amid live music and French-style entertainment (not Daft Punk). There'll be bicycle-built-for-two races, a French maid relay, even a Vespa scooter rally.

For real, a Vespa scooter rally!

Here's hoping the drivers are all mimes.

Bastille on Bishop
Sunday, July 14
Bishop Arts District
500 N. Bishop Ave. (at Davis St.), Oak Cliff

Tickets: $10 in advance here; includes first glass of wine (refills $6)
Nearby: Hattie's; Oddfellows; Lockhart Smokehouse

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