Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Okra Coma!

Indulge in fuzzy veggie goodness at Okra Palooza


Chicken fried steak. BBQ brisket. Frito pie.

Certain foods are just plain synonymous with Texas. Mostly because they're centered around beef.

And easy to eat while riding our horse to the oil well to find our lost ten-gallon hat.

But there are popular veggies in these parts, too. Okra, for one. You know 
cooking this hairy little green seed pod is tricky. Do it wrong and it's a slimy mess. Do it right and it's a thing of emerald-colored beauty.

Sunday, some of Dallas' top chefs, including Chad Houser and Graham Dodds, battle it out for the best dish during Okra Palooza at the LOT. And you'll benefit from the competition as much as this fundraiser's recipient, Promise of Peace Community Garden.

Because you get to eat every entry.

Your ticket includes the complete tasting, two beers, and live music from Grammy-Award-nominated Russ Hewitt.

Making Okra Palooza the most exciting vegetable celebration since Spinachella.

Okra Palooza
Sunday, June 30
7530 E. Grand Ave. (at Gaston Rd.),
East Dallas

Price: $30 here.
Nearby: Urban Vines; Dallas Arboreturm; Alligator Cafe

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