Monday, January 26, 2015

Prehistoric Plates

Hunt and gather at HG Sply Co.


There's only one restaurant in Dallas where you can wear your favorite wooly mammoth pelt and still get a prime table.

That would be at HG Sply Co., a new back-to-basics purveyor of all things Paleo, opening today.

Featuring all-natural, organic food (local whenever possible), the menu is divided into two caveman-friendly categories: Hunted and Gathered.

On the H side, you'll discover wild game. ThinkĀ Texas venison flank with coriander-spiced apples, along with steaks aplenty and braised lamb shanks with fig mostarda (pictured above).

Over in the G section, vegetables abound with unique options of Brussels sprout chips, curried cauliflower, and spicy broccoli with bacon.

The beverage program is worth beating your chest over, too. With classic cocktails crafted from homemade, no-sugar-added mixes and a variety of local and small-batch craft beers on tap, it's easy to party like a Flintstone.

Just don't drag your date here by the hair. That's now considered rude.

Photo courtesy Joy Zhang

HG Sply Co.
2008 Greenville Ave., Lower Greenville
(469) 334-0895

Price: 3 (out of 4)
Best Bets: Duck confit bowl with sweet potato hash; braised lam shank; ginger garlic hummus with bacon chips
Nearby: Jack's Southern Comfort Food; Char Bar; Mudsmith

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