Friday, January 30, 2015

Nectar of the Gods

Inaugural White Out Party features nothing but clear


You've gone to plenty of "white parties" in the past.

Of course, back then your main props were a Hanes T-shirt, two Sharpies, and a few cans of Red Dog.

But here in adulthood, the white party has risen from the frat basement to the very top of Mount Olympus, where Greek gods and goddesses dine on earthly delights and partake in only the purest of alcoholic endeavors.

No Red Dog here, friends. Just vodka, gin, tequila, sake, and rum as far as the eye can see.

It's all part of tomorrow night's inaugural White Out Party, where guests are invited to dress in all-white to celebrate summer, accompanied by clear-spirited cocktails and food to last you till fall.

It's a Garden of Eden of edible delights with tastings from Dragonfly, Sambuca, Kenichi, Velvet Taco and Mason Bar. Meanwhile, in each of the themed spaces, live music and performance artists bring the entire event to a deeper state of surreal.

Just remember, if Pegasus or a unicorn shows up on the scene, it's time to cut yourself off.

White Out Party
Saturday, May 18
The Dallas Contemporary
161 Glass St., Design District

VIP: 5:30-11p (advance through 11:55p tonight, $70 here; $90 at door.)
General Admission: 7-11p (advance, $35
here; $55 at door.)
Nearby: Meddlesome Moth; The Wine Poste; Oak

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