Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Downtown Drips

Weekend Coffee brews up a new java experience at the Joule Hotel


The lingo's getting a little ridiculous out there.

With Starbucks serving Grande, Venti, Trenta and Doppio, we might need a Rosetta Stone just to get our morning caffeine fix ordered.

Weekend Coffee aims to fix that. 

Opening later this month from the folks behind the always-curated TenOverSix, Weekend Coffee determines the proper size for you. Just enter the small, dripping-with-cool space at the recently expanded Joule Hotel and order your beverage. 

Cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos, and mochas (as well as every drink on the menu) come in only one size: The right one.

They're all delicious, too, crafted from the freshest of bean selections: Victrola Coffee Roasters crafted in none other than La Marzocco espresso machines. And to ensure your jolt of java is as pleasurable as possible, espressos, macchiatos, and gibraltars are only available in-house, served in appropriate java vessels, as well.

Enjoy your drinks with a house-baked pastry or a handful of Ruben's Granola.

(Also known as Weekend Coffee's answer to bar nuts.)

Weekend Coffee ahhweekend.com
1511 Commerce St., Downtown

Nearby: TenOverSix; Neiman Marcus Downtown; Pho Colonial

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