Friday, January 30, 2015

Outta Sight

The Gin Mill hosts a blind beer tasting tomorrow


Your vast knowledge of beer is uncanny (and far more bottle-y and draught-y).

It's as if you learned more in college about stouts and pilsners than statistics and philosophy.

At least now you can prove it.

Tomorrow night, the Gin Mill hosts a blind beer tasting presented by McKinney's Franconia Brewery and Stone Brewing Co. from San Diego.

There, you'll work your way through four rounds of four four-ounce samples. That's 16 pours, or the equivalent of four pints. (We gained some mad math skills, too.)

Round one is all about flavor. The second pits lagers against ales. The third focuses on identifying specific styles. And the grand finale round requires you to identify the actual brands of four IPAs.

Light bites are provided for proper palate cleansing and beer absorption, while w
inners from each round earn prizes, so you just might be onto something with this whole dream of a career in "Beer Drinking."

Blind Beer Tasting
Wednesday, May 8
The Gin Mill
1921 N. Henderson Ave., Knox/Henderson
(214) 824-3343

Cost: $30
RSVP: Reservations recommended, space still available
Nearby: Barcadia; Beauty Bar; Louie's

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