Saturday, January 31, 2015

Right Round, Baby

Full Circle Tavern opens on the South Side


Sell your house, cancel your lease, quit your squatting. 

It's time to move.

Because today Full Circle Tavern opens and congratulations, it's your neighborhood hangout, no matter where you live. (Though it sure would be easier to stumble down the block to a cozy loft at South Side on Lamar.)

Even if you don't move, think about getting a room at the
NYLO South Side after one too many bowls of beer cheese soup with soft pretzel dipping sticks. Or icy cold pints of full-potency beer in the form of local suds from Deep Ellum Brewery or Peticolas.

If you don't want a draft, we hope you like cans because none of the beers here come in bottles. Which is good in the case of a bar fight, and bad in case your pal's forehead thinks it's stronger than yours.

And now that our Armageddon-signalling 30-degree April weather has finally (hopefully) come to an end, you'll be spending all your quality time on the dog-friendly wraparound deck. Perhaps before and after a concert at the
Palladium Ballroom.

Or just because it's Tuesday.

Full Circle Tavern
1319 S. Lamar St., Downtown
(214) 208-3435

Best Bets: Meatball marinara sandwich; Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving sandwich; beer cheese soup
Nearby: The Cedars Social; Off the Bone; Bill's Records

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