Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dept. of Education

School Class opens for random grown-up learning


Our high school days were spent thinking about how many more classes we could ditch without getting caught.

But that’s because they weren’t teaching Finger Painting Figure Painting in our pursuit of higher education.

School Class, a brave new experiment in adult learning created by John Neel. Inside this hallowed hall of academia located in a storefront near the Kessler Theater, you can opt to teach or learn about almost any subject imaginable.

Topics vary from the super specific (Home Economics for Gourmet Easy Bake Oven Cooking) to the very obscure (a gender study course based on Buffy The Vampire Slayer). There’s also regular subject matter (Spanish, financial planning, etc.).

Don't see a subject listed that you feel the world needs to learn about? Volunteer to
teach a class on the subject. After all, who doesn’t want to learn about the World's Shortest and Tallest People while the instructor dishes about the highest and lowest points in his life?

The first School Class begins May 4. By the 5th, you could be submitting your first finger-painted nude to the Louvre.

School Class
1222 W. Davis. St., Oak Cliff

Cost: Donations accepted for rent, supplies
Learn Something New: Classes start May 4
Nearby: PhD Pour House Dallas; Nova; Oak Cliff Social Club

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