Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Back to Basics

Shady's Burger Joint opens in Richardson


In a city filled with often unnecessarily complicated cuisines (black truffle this, free-range bone-marrow that), sometimes simplicity is the biggest innovation of all.

And few things are as exquisitely perfect as a good juicy burger.

Now open in Richardson, Shady's Burger Joint's no-frills menu focuses on six burgers, a trio of sandwiches, and some expertly prepared sides. (Plus a few salads if you're looking to anger the Angus gods.)

From a straightforward lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion number to the El Shady, topped with chorizo, a fried egg, fresh-grated cheddar, and grilled jalapeƱos, each burger arrives on a fresh challah bun.

Best of all, no burger is more than $7.50, another nice change from unworthy $12 versions popping up all over town. A side of crispy fries only sets you back $2. Onion rings are $3.

Enjoy it all on the spacious patio with an ice-cold draft while chanting your new mantra:

Keep it simple, Shady's.

Shady's Burger Joint
2701 Custer Pkwy, Ste. 915, Richardson
(214) 484-2689

Best Bets: Blue Buffalo (Angus patty topped with homemade buffalo sauce, bacon & bleu cheese); onion rings
Parking: Lot
Nearby: Marcus Cafe; The Fillmore Pub; Fox and Hound

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