Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cork Express

Dallas Design District welcomes The Wine Poste


Doomsday planners are generally well-prepared in terms of munitions, bottled water, and powdered mashed potatoes. Oh, and battle axes.

But what about wine? Seems like that would make any post-apocalyptic get-together a little more civilized.

Introducing The Wine Poste, a new concept that unites online and retail vino sales into a cool space where you can simply hang out with a bottle of Pinot on a sofa with a few friends.

Or rent out the lounge, the library, the banquet room, or the entire place for a sophisticated shindig with food provided by Bolsa Mercado or Kent Rathbun Catering.

But if you're too busy working on your tax returns to get over to the space or even think about planning a party, simply order great vintages right from your computer. Buy a case, save 10%. And no matter how much you order, it'll only cost you five bucks in ground shipping.

Because running out of booze really is the end of the world.

The Wine Poste
2001 Irving Blvd. #145, Design District
(214) 272-3221

Nearby: Off-Site Kitchen; FT33; Meddlesome Moth

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