Sunday, January 25, 2015

Root for the Home Team

Super juices made right here in Dallas


There's liquid gold in them thar hills!

Except this time, it's not oil that Dallas will be known for.

It's juice.

As in three pounds of local Texas fruits and vegetables crushed into a delicious, nutritious, far-more-portable 16-ounce bottle by a hydraulic, cold-pressed juicer.

Vitamin and mineral packed flavors include
Watermelon Cooler, Melon Mania, and Pear Pleasure, as well as special blends with specific functions (Refresh, Restore, Wake Up).

The magic happens at Roots Juices, a new Dallas company pushing its healthy lifestyle agenda on the entire country, one pressed-fresh-daily pint at a time. But locals in select zip codes get the best deal of all.

Order a minimum of $30 worth of delicious juices and your BPA-free bottles will be delivered to your doorstep via one really cool hybrid car. For free.

The healthier blood coursing through your veins? That's complimentary, too.

Roots Juices
$7 per bottle
(469) 893-0755

Free Delivery: Click here for a list of free and discounted local zip codes

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