Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Deep Issue Massage

The city's most eco-friendly spa


It’s a little hard to relax when your overly-attached girlfriend haunts you.

Or maybe you're haunted by the number of water bottles overstuffing landfills, or how many kittens they used to test that SPF 45 you lathered on last weekend.

Now you can get a spa treatment that’ll relieve every tension imaginable, from your googly-eyed stalker to the smog she hides behind.

Introducing Green Lotus Spa & Retreat, an eco-friendly oasis of pampering that boasts the smallest carbon footprint of any Dallas spa.

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Everything's digital from treatment forms to payment receipts. There’s an electric car charging station out front. And even a windmill that generates the spa's electricity.

From the herbal cleanse facial designed specifically for men to total body stretching (great after an intense workout) and their Himalayan salt stone massage, every treatment is top-notch.

And for every service you purchase, a tree is planted in the Brazilian rain forest.

Wait a second — another hiding spot for that soon-to-be ex-girlfriend.

Green Lotus Spa & Retreat
4447 N. Central Expy., Suite 115 (Armstrong Ave.), Dallas

Price: $65 and up
Best bets: Himalayan Salt Stone Massage; Herbal Cleanse Facial; Couples Massage
Nearby: La Duni; Sangria; The Old Monk

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