Thursday, January 29, 2015

Twist on a Clasico

Plano brings the worm

If we had superpowers, we'd be the Tipsy Crusader, able to create new liquor flavors at the blink of an eye.

Such a hero staggers among us.

Thirsty for a tequila that doesn't have to be hidden in a syrupy sweet margarita mix or mouthfuls of lime and salt, Marion Skinner and Shinobi Muhammad set out to change the way people think of the ubiquitous Mexican spirit.

The result, Espada Ultra Premium Tequila, is just hitting restaurants, bars and liquor stores this week, including Hacienda on Henderson and Goody Goody Liquor.

After a little investigating, we discovered that this 100% agave tequila with a hint of lemon first became available in the Dallas market and is currently expanding to more locations. 

That's right: Texas' own tequila.

Espada has the same mellow smoothness of tequilas that require months (even years) of aging, but achieves this effect through a much faster, patented purification process.

That's doubly right: techno-supercharged tequila.

The result is an ultra-smooth drink you'll want to sip and savor, though we're pretty sure you could be convinced to do a body shot or two if someone insists.

Espada Ultra Premium Tequila

$40 for 750 ml
In stores:
Centennial; Goody Goody; Sigel's
At restaurants: Wild Salsa; Hacienda on Henderson; Yucatan Taco Stand
At bars and nightclubs: Champps; Ghost Bar; Shooters
Full list of current and future availability: here

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