Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Welcome to the Silicon Valley of the Midwest


Chicago. The Windy City. The Second City. The City of Broad Shoulders.
And now, The Silicon Valley of the Midwest?
Well, maybe not. But at least you can pretend with these three essential new apps now available in the city you call home. Regardless of what you call it.
Buy a Round: Gratafy
Finally, a non-cheesy way to send someone a drink in a bar. Send beer flights, Patron bottle service, and craft cocktails (not to mention non-booze items like Kuma Burgers and Emporium Arcade Bar tokens) via a three-digit code that is sent directly to the recipient’s email, phone, or Facebook, which they present at the bar. So even if you couldn’t make the party, you can still be classy and bring a gift.
Order online or download here.
Do a Load: Dryv
Laundry. One of life’s most consistent annoyances. Until now. Using this app, a driver will come pick up your laundry/dry cleaning within the hour and have it cleaned at the same laundry facility that does the cleaning for top local hotels and concierge services. Laundry will be ready within 36 hours, which they will notify you of before scheduling a time to drop it off. No tickets to fill out. No nasty lint trays to empty.
Download here.
Throw a Party: Foxtrox
While not exactly new (they launched in the fall), they are always expanding delivery zones so they may be new to your hood. In addition to delivering life’s staples like craft beer, booze, and food, they also specialize in themed packages: like Saturday Night (cocktails, ice, mixers, cups), Date Night (wine, chocolates, flowers), and The Recovery (mimosas, coffee, Advil). So it’s true. Laziness does have its advantages.
Download here.

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