Saturday, January 31, 2015

Throwing Stones

Road trip to Milwaukee for Curling & Beer


Q: Darts. Pool. Cards Against Humanity.
A: The list of games enhanced by beer.
But leave it to the geniuses at Buckit List Events to add Sochi's favorite to the list: curling!

Beer and curling come together at next month’s Curling & Beer road trip to Milwaukee’s Wauwatosa Curling Club.

What you will not need for your private motorcoach ride from downtown: brooms, 44-pound curling rocks, and even rudimentary curling knowledge (those will be provided.)
No special outfits are required either, but if you want to dress like the Norwegian Olympic team, more power to you.
Either way, you’re in for 2.5 hours of curling instruction (as in, "why the hell are those guys sweeping?") and team play as you learn how to get your curling rocks to turn (or curl, get it?) on the ice towards the target.
Afterwards indulge in the post-game tradition of “broomstacking” (a.k.a. hanging with teammates/competitors) over pizza and a one-hour open beer bar featuring brews from local Milwaukee brewer Lakefront on tap.
Because hey, you’re in training now.

Curling & Beer
Sunday, March 23
Wauwatosa Curling Club, 7300 Chestnut Street, Wauwatosa WI
Price: $75 here

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