Thursday, January 29, 2015

Face Off

Drinks and an NHL-sized arena at CitySwarm's Late Night Skate


Sure, you already party like Patrick Kane.
But can you skate like him?
While we don’t expect you to be quite as nimble as the reigning Conn Smythe Trophy winner, next weekend’s CitySwarm Late Night Skate is your chance to close the gap.
All you need are a few drinks and an NHL-sized ice arena...
You’ll get the cocktails taken care of at The Brownstone: the cozy Lincoln Square pub where your training comes complete with a lesson in mini burgers and fresh baked pretzels takedown.
Then you’ll hop the private shuttle to the McFetridge Sports Center, where the Chicago Park District’s only indoor skating rink will be rented out for a friendly 90-minute free skate (with on-site bar, of course.)
Assuming you didn't lose any teeth out on the ice (hopefully in a fight, not a fall), you can focus on partying at Lincoln Park wine bar Trellis, where you and the crew will hunker down and share war stories over venison meatballs and a glass of pinot grigio.
You know, Kaner’s favorites.

Late Night Skate
Saturday, February 22
Meet at the Brownstone, 3937 N. Lincoln Ave., Lincoln Square
(773) 340-1358
Price: $45 here

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