Monday, January 26, 2015

Panty Raid

Race your pants off at Cupid's Undie Run


It’s been said that you put your pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else.
Not this time.
Next Saturday, it’s time to leave your pants at home and run around Wrigley Field in your underwear at Cupid’s Undie Run.
No, not because you lost a bet on the Cubs landing Tanaka. Simply because charity demands sacrifice.
Like your brethren in 30 cities from Boise, Idaho, to Sydney, Australia, you’ll join hundreds of fellow half-naked runners to fundraise your pants off for the Children’s Tumor Foundation — and maybe even score a post-V Day date for yourself in the process.
Because there’s no better way to select your next mate than by strutting your stuff on a 1-mile “fun run” (no one wins the race, no one is timed) through the streets of Chicago. In February.
Before and after the race, get better acquainted with your fellow athletes with a party at John Barleycorn (where again, pants are optional). And if you raise enough money, you’ll be eligible for prizes including free underwear, robes, and drinks at the bar.

Because only one thing can improve an underwear party: free drinks.

Cupid’s Undie Run
Saturday, February 15
Noon-4p (race at 2p)
Meet at John Barleycorn, 3524 N. Clark St., Wrigleyville
Subway: Red Line to Addison
Price: $50 here

photo courtesy Jonathan Torrell

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