Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter Runaway: Fraser Island, Australia

Conquer the world's largest sand island, 4WD-style


We had to travel halfway around the world to find it, but we may have discovered roads even more treacherous than the Kennedy in a blizzard.
And a helluva lot more fun.
Instead of white-knuckling it on the winter highway, take in the fresh summer beach air as you cruise the world’s largest sand island: Australia’s Fraser Island.

Located on the eastern coast between the more well-known destinations of Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef, this hidden gem is the only place in the world where tall rainforests grow among sand dunes more than 750 feet high.
Which means renting your own Land Cruiser and going all Mad Max on the pristine 75-mile beach located within Great Sandy National Park.
After a short ferry ride from the mainland and a one-hour safety course, you’ll be let loose to explore an island where you’re more likely to see dingoes and humpback whales than traffic jams.
While there are no official “roads” per se, inland sand tracks provide guidance as you navigate one of the world’s best beaches — where you’ll find plenty of privacy for frolicking in one of the island's 100+ freshwater lakes.

No hurry. The Kennedy will be here when you get back.

Fraser Island Self Drive Packages
Price: $422 per person w/ resort accommodation here

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