Friday, January 30, 2015

Whiskey Trigger

Shootin' Then Drinkin' is your new Saturday tradition


Yeah, we miss Deadwood, too.

But when you're ready to step away from HBO GO, there's another way to get your whiskey-and-shooting fix.
It's called Shootin’ Then Drinkin’, the new Saturday day trip to southwest Michigan where the drinking of craft spirits takes place only after the shooting of AK-47s.
But first you’ll need to load up yourself (keep your weapon holstered at home, these will be provided) into a motorcoach leaving Ed Debevic’s at 9a.
The 90-minute trip to Benton Harbor, Michigan ends at Point Blank Shooting Range, an indoor range where firearms safety training is the first order of business.
After a lunch of BBQ and black bean burgers, it’s time for your transformation into John Rambo as you unload 50 shots with a 9mm pistol and five shots with an AK-47.

Not enough firepower? Opt for the John Wayne Package for an additional 15 shots with a revolver.
Cap off the day with a trip to the nearby Round Barn Winery, Brewery, and Distillery, where you’ll tip back hand-crafted spirits and beers over a spirited exchange of war stories.
It just might be the finest Saturday tradition since the invention of college football.

Shootin’ Then Drinkin’
Saturday, November 9
Meet at Ed Debevic’s, 640 N. Wells St., River North
(312) 664-1707
Price: $80-120 here

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