Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Truck & Treat

Who needs to go door-to-door? We've got food trucks


Remember wandering the neighborhood in a costume, asking for food from strangers, no questions asked?
This Halloween, you can go back again.
All you need to do is sign up for CitySwarm’s Truck & Treat, where food trucks will be handing out gourmet eats while casting judgment on your costume.
First you’ll meet in Wrightwood Park where the Schnitzel King, Babycakes, Curried, and Toasty Cheese trucks will be handing out two Halloween-themed small plates per truck.

Which means instead of stale Snickers, trick-or-treat booty includes grass-fed ribeye grilled cheese, Tandoori chicken masala, pork schnitzel with beef fat fries, and apple bacon bourbon pancakes (pictured).
But the food trucks aren’t just handing out treats. They’re also handing out verdicts for the best costume contest, so be sure to dress to impress (emergency tips lie hither).
Once you’ve had your fill, walk a block to Crossing where you’ll select a Halloween-style complimentary refresher, ranging from Traveler Beer Jack-O Traveler Shandy to Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin.
Drinks will be flowing all night, so don’t worry about getting home before curfew.

Truck & Treat
Thursday, October 31
Meet at Wrightwood Park, 2534 N. Greenview Ave., Lincoln Park
(773) 340-1358
Price: $39 here
Nearby: Crossing; Monkey’s Paw; Barn & Company

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