Sunday, February 1, 2015

Trim or Treat

Get your beard trimmed while you shop


She has that look in her eye. That terrifying "I'm gonna give him a makeover" look.

But it's Saturday, football is on, and you need to expedite things.

Pilsen’s new Vintage Supply Company will not just carve up your mug (cleanly) with an old-school barber shave, they'll also outfit you in vintage leather boots.
This two-for-one comes courtesy of Mustache Mike, who seats you in a 100-year-old red leather barber chair and trims your beard while you shop for fedoras, camouflage shirts, and restored luggage.
Freshly groomed, you and the lady are free to peruse the polished space of hardwoods and colorful rugs in search of Indiana Jones-style hats, tweed jackets, and vintage flannel.
Pro tip: When she's not looking, chill on the green leather Chesterfield couch and flip through vintage Playboys.
Pro's pro tip: Take your fresh duds down the street for a bowl of punch. It's even better than the Playboys.

Market Supply Company
1747 S. Halsted St. (between 17th & 18th), Pilsen
(773) 930-6977

Nearby: Thalia Hall; Simone’s; Honky Tonk BBQ

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