Monday, January 26, 2015

Trick and Treat

Vodka gummy worms and ice cream pudding shots


We're going to let you in on a little Hallloween secret.

Remember how your parents never let you keep all your candy because it might give you cavities?

The truth? They were making booze with it (they were ahead of the curve).
Master the latest trend of home distilling with a twist by signing up for SideTour’s Liquor Infusions Making Class.
If you’ve ever wondered what vodka infused with Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, and candy corn might taste like, now’s your chance to be a kid again. A kid with an ID.
Bring your own 750ml bottle of vodka or rum and set up shop in the Bucktown home of local food blogger/Babycakes food truck owner Leah Wilcox.
There you’ll learn how to pimp out your home bar with an intimate course on making Irish car bomb Jello shots, chocolate ice cream pudding shots, and all sorts of weird infusions to kick your tequila or bourbon drink up a notch.
And if you’ve always thought your gummy worms could use a lot more vodka, now you know where to turn.
Besides some unusual knowledge that will make you even more of a hit at parties, you’ll also walk away with a bottle of your own creation that will be ready to pour in under a week.
Assuming you can wait that long.

Liquor Infusions Making Class
Thursday, October 3 & Thursday, October 24
Bucktown (exact location revealed after signup)
Price: $35 here

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