Monday, January 26, 2015

High Tail

Chicago Food Social demonstrates the perfect tailgate


Sunday, the Bears visit Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. This leaves an empty space in your tailgating calendar.

We suggest filling it tomorrow with 11 solid hours of epic away-game prep at Chicago Food Social.

What makes it a downright historic tailgate? Let's Let’s break down the essentials.
1) Chicago’s Best Food Trucks.
We’re talking sliced beef brisket from Husky Hog BBQ, gourmet burgers from Windy City Patty Wagon, and Jamaican chicken wings from Jerk. Not to mention space guacamole from those freaky Lucha Libre chefs of Tamale Spaceship (pictured).
2) Booze (duh)
Besides Leinenkugel's and Pilsner Urquell, this tailgate comes with a custom Bloody Mary bar located inside the air-conditioned lounge of the Tito’s Vodka 1965 Airstream Trailer — straight from the VIP sections of Pitchfork Fest and Lollapalooza.
3) Music 
This Empty Bottle-booked lineup is stacked with talent from indie icons Walking Bicyles (1:15p) to blues legend Otis Clay (5p.) And, if you listen closely, you’ll probably hear Blackhawks anthem “Chelsea Dagger” blasted from someone’s car between sets.
4) More food 
Still hungry? We don’t know how you could be, but anything’s possible. If so, park for samples from chef-driven local restos including Publican Quality Meats, Big Star, and Endgrain. There'll even be chef demos from students at Kendall College’s culinary program.
It's good they're getting the young'uns onboard early. We're only as good as our next generation of tailgaters.

Chicago Food Social
Saturday, September 21
Kendall College (parking lot), 900 N. Branch St., River West
(312) 850-9390
Price: $5
Nearby: Flaming Wok ‘N Grill; The Motel Bar; Japonais

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