Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let's Riot

The top bands at Riot Fest


Stilt walkers, carnival rides, and a Ferris wheel? At a music festival? No, nobody slipped you Molly.

Closing out the summer festival season is Riot Fest, the annual punk rock carnival taking over Humboldt Park this weekend with that most unique harmony of groupies and carnies.
Here’s your daily rundown on which bands to see when. Or just follow the stilt guy.
FRIDAY: Andrew W.K.
After listening to "Party Hard,” “Party Till You Puke,” “It’s Time to Party,” and “Long Live the Party,” you kind of get the feeling that heavy rock guitar ambassador Andrew W.K. likes to rage. And the former motivational speaker/current owner of NYC club Santos Party House is the only dude who can soundtrack your rager with an entire album of instrumental piano songs.
Riot to this: “Party Hard
SATURDAY: Guided By Voices
It’s been 30 years since GBV first began hissing their ear-banging assault of jangled rock and dissociative pop through some blown-out speakers. We’ll drink to that, and so will the band (let's see how wasted frontman Robert Pollard can get in such a short set). So stash that flask of whiskey, break the knob off the treble, and enjoy a band that is as self-assured as the bottles they drink from.
Riot to this: “I Am A Scientist
SUNDAY: The Pixies
In what could be the most legendary set of the summer, these alt rock icons take the stage with a new bassist and their first new track in 10 years. The Pixies are aging well with their ferocious blend of punk rock aggression and surf rock chill, all layered atop infectious oddball lyrics that make you want to fist pump like it’s 1989.
Riot to this: “Where Is My Mind?

Riot Fest
Friday-Sunday, September 13-15
Humboldt Park, 1440 N. Sacramento Ave., Humboldt Park
Price: $55-125 here
Nearby: Coco; Division Street Bar & Grill; Zoku Sushi & Asian Contemporary Cuisine

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