Friday, January 30, 2015

Animal House

Time to go ape all over Wrigleyville


This weekend, it’s time to go apes**t.
But before unleashing your primal side, you'll need to do some investigating because the location of this ridiculous jungle party is totally classified.

Lucky for you, we have a source on the inside of tomorrow’s Clever Ape Race, so let's break it down:
First step
Head to Redmond’s Ale House, where the challenges begin over $3 drafts and $4 vodka lemonades. These tests — ranging from mixing the perfect Mai Tai to on-the-spot improv — will earn you clues to the location of the simian fiesta.

Be prepared
Participating primates will also need to use their brains to answer local trivia questions, such as how many mannequins are in the front window at Ragstock; or how many beers are on tap at Goose Island Wrigleyville (hint: ##).

Pro tip 
Ape teams may only use public transit to find the answers to such questions, and could also be asked to bring back random objects including pink feathers or a free Cubs tchotchke. So tell your date to wear a fanny pack.
Once the location of jungle party has been discovered (hint: it’s a loft space somewhere in Lakeview), it’s time to treat yourself to all the bananas, jungle art, and craft cocktails you can handle.
Gorilla suits optional.

Clever Ape Race
Saturday, September 7
Starts at Redmond’s Ale House, 3358 N. Sheffield Ave., Wrigleyville
(773) 404-2151
$30 here
Subway: Red Line to Addison
Nearby: Rebel Bar & Grill; Rockit Burger Bar; Cubby Bear

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