Saturday, January 31, 2015

Danger Zone

Your Air & Water Show survival guide


The bad news: Due to federal budget sequester, there will be no Blue Angels or U.S. military planes at this year’s air show.
The good news: That leaves plenty of room for exciting new daredevils.
With two new additions and one old standby, here’s your rundown of the top 3 acts to catch at this weekend’s Chicago Air & Water Show:

American Chopper: Chuck Aaron in the Red Bull Helicopter
Easily our favorite part of the show every year stars the country’s only civilian pilot ever to be licensed to perform helicopter aerobatics. Watching a chopper pull backflips, 360-degree rolls, and heart-stopping tumbles is worth the price of admission, if there was one.
21 Jump Street: All Veteran Parachute Team
This new addition to the show not only performs death-defying tandem parachute jumps and tricks straight out of the skydiving scene in Point Break, but they do it while flying a massive U.S. flag. Don't forget to salute what could be a scene in Expendables 3, as the flag gently descends through the air attached to real-life military vets.
For the Motherland: Aerostars, Inc.
This precision aerobatic demonstration from Soviet-designed WWII-era fighter planes is a surefire bet to become a new audience favorite. Their graceful flight formations and inverted maneuvers are almost as cool as their supercharged (i.e., loud) radial engines that will set the lakefront abuzz. The only Cold War left will be the one about which beer to grab while watching.

Chicago Air & Water Show
North Avenue Beach, 1600 N. Lake Shore Drive, Lincoln Park
(312) 744-3316
Price: Free
Nearby: Castaways; Oak Street Food + Drink; Perennial Virant

photo courtesy Patrick C. Pyszka/City of Chicago

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