Sunday, January 25, 2015

Man Up

Chicago's top 5 spots to go with your bros


You survived a Saturday afternoon marathon of Orange is the New Black with her. Now it’s man time.
Round up the bros and hit the town with Chicago's top 5 man dates.

Arlington Park
There’s something intrinsically manly about harnessing the power of a 1,000-pound racing beast for your own financial gain (or loss). But you won’t care about losing when you’re surrounded by craft beer flights, live music, and $2 burgers for their Friday night Party In the Park concert series.
Make a date: Aug 30 for an ‘80s party with cover kings Wedding Banned
2200 W. Euclid Ave., Arlington Heights. (847-385-7500). $2 and up here.
4. Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course
Pack your golf bag with beers and go Happy Gilmore at this stunning lakeside public course. Afterwards, snag a few Half Acre Daisy Cutters or a pitcher of Fat Tire as you recall horror stories from the bunkers over chili cheese dogs and blackened tilapia tacos at the Clocktower Café.
Make a date: Any day through October (weather permitting)
3600 N. Recreation Drive, Lakeview. (773-661-0136). $20 and up; book here.
3. Metro
What has screaming, Pete Townsend-style air guitar kicks, and a general free pass to act like an idiot? Going to see a rock show with your buddies. Bro tip: get there early for a 2nd-floor table with waitress service, which leaves plenty of space to dance like an imbecile.
Make a date: To see the guitar-shredding, eye-catching Savages on Sep 16
3730 N. Clark St., Wrigleyville. (773-549-4140). $19 here.
2. Soldier Field
Obvious, yes. Essential? Absolutely. When men want to be men, there’s no place like the home of the Bears — where the tailgating action off the field is just as exciting as what goes down on the field. Here, heckling is not an annoyance. It’s a way of life. Warning: Your voice may be just as shot as your body the next day.
Make a date: See the Bears battle the hated Vikings on Sep 15.
1410 S. Museum Campus Drive, South Loop. (312-235-7000). $175 and up here.
1. Man-B-Que
What could be more manly than BBQ, music, and booze? We don’t want to find out. Hit up one of these events taking place in backyards and bars throughout the city. And, in case you were curious about how to create an actual-sized Stanley Cup made entirely out of meat, these are the dudes who did it.
Make a date: Aug 24 for their BBQ, Music & Hope event on the Reggie’s rooftop.

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